Take, Share, Credit Not Necessary But Appreciated (perfectsquare) wrote in precious_icons,
Take, Share, Credit Not Necessary But Appreciated

Admin Post

*Waves at everyone*

I must truly apologize for my absence and neglect for this community. I began to lose interest in things that I found fun, but I've slowly begun to get back into icon making.

demetakat is a maintainer, and she's obviously got a lot of interest in keeping this alive and so I will say she is definitely a key-in for if I decide to completely stop making. I'd like to try and get this community back up and running, liza, your help would be needed, I know you've got the motivation, and you're definitely a great help, thanks a lot.

With that, requests are being taken *nods* Let's try and get this community rolling as it was before.

Thank you all for your time, and for sticking with us *nods*
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