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A Request Community.

Welcome To Precious Icons! Here you may request anything and everything you will need for your livejournal! Please be sure to read the rules thoroughly before requesting, and have an awesome time here at Precious Icons!

Always, ALWAYS obey your friendly staff which is listed below the rules. Any sass from you will result in your membership in this community being taken away.

There is currently no limit on the amount of icon requests you can make. If this becomes a problem, we will limit it more strictly. However, blinkie requests are now limited to 4 a week. Please bear with us as we have pretty much 2 or 3 makers at the moment, and the community was originally created for icons.

When posting your requests, make sure to put "Yes, My Precious" in the title so that we know you read the rules.

All pictures in your requests should be under an lj-cut. Any and all pictures should be either linked (url) or coded (img src) into the actual post.

You MAY ask for a specific person to fill your request, but if that person cannot for some reason fill your request, another person will finish it. You should recieve your order within 2 weeks, but I'm not going to guarantee that, as we have lives outside of the internet.

When requesting a blinkie, if you are direct linking an example make sure that the person you are taking it from knows, and you have their permission. We take no credit for what our members post here, only what we make. In any other circumstances, please upload the images to your own server.

Because of past events, we ask all members who make requests to post a link (url) to where they took the image(s), so we can verify before granting any requests if we are allowed. Please, do not take blinkies from other communities for us to make, for example.

There's been a couple of incidents recently where we have seen japanese and anime/manga animations posted in the blinkie requests. When requesting blinkies, bear in mind we do NOT reanimate or change these. Other communities can do this, that's fine, but we don't do that here.

Please remember to CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! If not the maker, at least credit the community. We did go through the pains to fulfill your request, it's the least you can do by typing in a simple keyword credit. Thanks :)

When Requesting, Make sure to put in the title bar what you are requesting.. So with the mandatory "Yes, My Precious" you would do something like "Yes, My Precious - Icon Request" or something to that extent.. Makes it much easier for filling requests :)

THIS IS NOT A COMMUNITY TO POST YOUR WORK! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BECOME A MAKER, PLEASE NOTIFY EITHER perfectsquare at precious_icons@yahoo.com or demetakat at liza_littlestar@yahoo.co.uk

Introducing Our Lovely Staff Members!

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